Custom Shoe Manufacturers


Every innovative method of dealing with leather has a story of tradition, beauty, and excellence behind it. Each pair of handcrafted shoes has the immeasurable knowledge and skill accumulated over years of practice and dedication. Highly skilled artisans must put in an average of 50 hours to create a custom pair.


Bespoke Shoes

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Our skilled craftsmen create handcrafted bespoke shoes that are truly created to measure. Every step of the journey, choose the materials, form, style, and details. Find out more about how we make shoes.

Wedding Footwear

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Create your own unique wedding shoes with our help. You are free to choose the components, adornments, and accessories. built to order to guarantee comfort for your wedding festivities.

Create Custom Shoes

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Makes decisions regarding the model, shape, sole, heel height, and any other special aspects. The choice to create the shoes of your dreams is entirely up to you. We can also make a similar shoe to one you already own and love.


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Custom Tailored

In the process of producing bespoke shoes, the “Last” or foot mould comes first. A tailored shoe should be glove-fitting. Due to its marriage to the foot’s anatomy, it offers a special physical sensation. It adapts to the pressure sites and takes into account the variations in muscle density. To ensure that every pair of shoes lasts perfectly, we hand-make them. While you choose the shape and style of your shoes, our Master Last-Maker takes a series of foot measurements to start the process.

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Design and Shape Choice

Following the process of taking foot measurements, the client selects the model, shape, heel height, sole, and any other special specifications. The most thrilling step is this one since you have complete creative freedom to collaborate on and design your ideal pair of shoes. We can also make a similar shoe to one you already own and love.


Material Choice

The best materials from Italy are used to construct each pair of Simba Shoes Factory shoes that are manufactured to order. At our store, we provide a wide variety of leathers to choose from. Special materials and exotic skins can also be ordered based on the needs of the client. We make an effort to collaborate with moral leather tanneries that are compassionate towards people and animals.

The Test Boot

The Master last maker then carves the outline of the foot on a shoe last after this initial appointment. For a second session, the customer comes back to try on a mock-up of the shoe. This enables the craftsman to improve the last’s accuracy even further in order to produce the desired pair. The final fitting and delivery of the shoes take place at the third appointment.

Care and Upkeep

The creation of a pair of custom shoes can take up to 4 weeks. Not only do our custom-made shoes provide durability and classic elegance, but also exceptional comfort. Our manufacturing process uses a variety of conventional shoemaking constructions, such as the Goodyear welt, to provide the client with many comfortable and long-lasting years of use. We save your special shoe last in our warehouse for future orders once the shoes are delivered. The pinnacle of personalised footwear.